"Reduit" - the first restaurant-brewery in Kaliningrad

Restaurants and cafes of Kaliningrad are known to visitors for their special atmosphere and comfort, because the owners of the establishments strive to attract customers in every possible way. However, not all restaurants in the city can boast of not just stylized antique, but in fact original historical architecture, the walls of which have absorbed the spirit of the past and can tell many interesting stories. Here, in the first restaurant-brewery 'Reduit', you will find both your own brewed beer and delicious food, and you will be able to learn many interesting facts from the days of the past. For example, this building until the beginning of the twentieth century was one of the structures of the bastion, many of which were demolished in 1910. However, 'Reduit' survived, and after 1945 the building began to be used for various purposes: there was a police station, a sawmill, and a hostel ... Only in 1995, 'Reduit' was equipped as a restaurant-cafe, which still impresses visitors today Its historical surroundings. And already in 1996, they built their own brewery in the building, in which various varieties of aromatic golden drink are brewed using unique technologies. In no other restaurant or cafe in Kaliningrad you will taste such unusually pleasant beer.

"Reduit" - the walls of the bastion guarding the Prussian brewing recipe

Over the course of time, the main task of the restaurant 'Reduit' has become the development of an appropriate menu for each type and type of beer. It would seem that everything is simple here, and many (even some chefs) believe that smoking and salinity are best suited for beer. But it was not there! As it turned out, the taste of dark, light or unfiltered beer can be fully enjoyed by choosing cheese, bread, nuts, seafood and even soups for a snack. Moreover, some varieties of this noble drink are perfectly combined with a variety of salads, as well as spicy hot sauces. If you are bored with other establishments in Kaliningrad, or if you want to miss a mug in the walls of a real bastion at least once, come to Reduit. An unusual medieval hall and authentic dishes with delicious beer await you!

Real live beer in Kaliningrad

Czech Republic, Austria, Lithuania ... you can't remember all the producers of beer served in the establishments of Kaliningrad. But no matter how experienced brewers are the inhabitants of our city, the desire to enjoy freshly brewed beer will always seduce true connoisseurs of this drink. We invite you to visit a restaurant-bar, where beer in Kaliningrad is served alive and in an unusual setting of a real fortress, which once had an important strategic importance. Reduit has its own brewery at its disposal. The basis for the beer that we brew according to the traditional German recipe is Plze malt and Karapils. We make beer of light and dark varieties, filtered and unfiltered. Of course, every connoisseur chooses a beer at his own discretion. But we would like to advise you to try our unfiltered beer once: it contains more yeast cells, and brewer's yeast is known to be a source of vitamins B and D. These vitamins have been proven to improve the condition of hair, skin and improve the functioning of the digestive system. Path. In addition, the aroma and taste of such beer are considered to be more intense.

Галерея Königsberg & Reduit

Экспозиция довоенных фотографий, проводимая совместно с Музеем мирового океана

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